India is a land of different culture and many festivals. The true joy of festivals resides only when celebrated with everyone. So, are you ready to celebrate this festive season with your family and many others? Here’s a great event organized by the Government of Karnataka- The Mysuru Dasara 2018.
This is one of India’s most awaited events of 2018, from 10th October 2018 to 19th October 2018, in and around the Mysuru Palace. This 10-day long festival is the state festival of Karnataka and lasts on Vijayadashami after 9 days of Navrathri celebrations.
This festival has a splendid history associated with the city. Per the Puranas, there was once a demon named Mahishasura (a water buffalo), who troubled the people and occupied their lands. The people then worshiped mother goddess Durga (Parvati, the wife of Lord Shiva), as the demon was prophesied to be killed only in the hands of a woman, to relieve them of the demonic activities in the region, who came to the rescue of people and slayed Mahishasura. The place was then named as Mahishapura, after the triumph of Shakti over evil, which is now known as Mysuru. Right from the 15th century, the festival is celebrated with the same magnificence and elegance. Recently, the state government also recognized the significance of Mysuru Dasara, and celebrates it annually as to bring all the people together.
There are many activities that take place during these 10-day celebrations. From promoting the cultural and religious rituals to dance and music concerts, exhibitions, tourism, special lighting, food mela, flower show and the grand procession on the final day- every bit of this event is an eye-treat.
The main events at this year’s Mysuru Dasara 2018 are:
•        Dasara Cultural Programmes at Mysuru Palace
•        Yuva Dasara at Maharaja Grounds
•        Flower Show at Kuppanna Park
•        Food Mela
•        Yoga Dasara
•        Dasara Film Festival at DRC Cinemas & INOX 
•        Kavigoshti at Jaganmohana Palace Auditorium
•        Helicopter ride at Lalith Mahal Helipad
•        3D Projection Mapping at Town Hall Premises
•        Cultural Programmes at Kalamandir
•        Cultural Programmes at Jaganmohan Palace
•        Cultural Programmes at Ganabharathi
•        Cultural Programmes at Chikka Gadiyara
•        Cultural Programmes at Townhall
•        Yuva Anveshana at Kalamandir
•        Women and Children’s Dasara
•        Dasara Darshana
•        Open Street Festival at DD Urs Road
•        Heritage Bicycle Ride
•        Dasara Sports
•        Mushaira
•        Two Days National Seminar on Constitution – Democracy – Equality 
•        Yuva Sambrama
•        Dasara Wrestling
•        Farmer Dasara
•        Palace on Wheels
•        Torch Light Parade at Bannimantap Grounds
•        Mysuru Dasara Procession
Each day is scheduled into many events suitable for youth, old aged visitors, women, men, and children at different places in the city. The special attractions this year are the Helicopter rides, Palace on Wheels, 3D Projection and Cycling. The visitors are comforted with several choices for food and accommodation nearby. This season is the best to explore and experience the beauty and exquisiteness of Mysuru.



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