Organized at the Rann of Kutch, this fiesta is a celebration of culture, music and fanfare in the white sands of Kutch. Witness this fiesta in the full moon night and have a once in a lifetime experience by being a part of this

The Rann Utsav celebrates the plethora of culture, hues, festivity and fanfare in the region of Rann of Kutch. Considered as one of the most varied region in terms of ethnicity and ecology, celebrates art, culture, music, dance, people, nature and life in this fiesta. Witnessing the Rann Utsav in the full moon night during the winter months, amidst the arid white sand backdrop is the best and a must-have experience.

The Rann Utsav introduces the audience to the lifestyle and culture of this region. Banni grasslands host the exhibition of art and crafts of the region. To give the visitors a fulfilling experience, many folk music and dances are showcased during this fiesta. Colourful fairs are held on the banks of lakes and near the beaches instill a sense of festivity and flamboyancy amidst the audience. There are various tents available at the sites, from economic to luxury, for accommodation.

The Rann Utsav was started by Gujarat Tourism with the aim to portray the rich culture of the district of Kutch. The festival sees the participation of more than eight thousand tourists from all across the globe to be a part of this major festival in 2018. This festival marks the coming together of the natives of the region along with audience across the globe with government officials to celebrate this mystical event exclusive to the part of Rann of Kutch. The interesting fact about this festival is that it begins at the city of Bhuj and the entourage traverses to various locations of the district and in the end returns back to Bhuj. This fiesta will be held from 1st Novemeber, 2017 to 20th Feburary, 2018. December 31, January 1 and January 31 are the best days to witness this festival as these nights are the full moon nights. If you are a travel enthusiast and love discovering culture, then what other way to discover Rann of Kutch than being a part of Rann Utsav, 2018.


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