Pune International Literary Festival 2017 – Upcoming Lifestyle Festival India

Pune International Literary Festival 2017 – Upcoming Lifestyle Festival India Special Update:

For all the bibliophiles, there is an event waiting right at the corner for you. For first time ever, Pune will have its Literary festival. The Pune International Literary Festival is all set to woo the audience, promising a platform for readers as well as writers.

This major event of 2016 is all set to hit the stage with bag full of creative energy, literature, festive aura and fun. The dates of Pune International Literary Festival are 8th, 9th and 10th of September, the registration of this major event being free. The event not only has national collaborations but  also is linked to the Frankfurt Book Fair and Salzburg Global Seminar. The social theme for this coveted literature fest is the voice of women and there will be a special exhibition of the works of the world famous novelist, Jane Austen. The fest was inaugurated by Padma Vibhushan, Ustad Amjad Ali Khan.

The vision of this major literary fest is to “engage, explore and experiment with all forms and genres of the written word inspiring you to fall in love with the written word… and light the lamp of knowledge!”.  The festival promises to provide a platform for all the flourishing writers, authors and creative persons from all aspects to explicate the semblance of the creative field. And for the audience, this upcoming event will prove to be a ground for bibliophile s to delve deeper into the fervent world of literature. Some of the speakers for this fiesta include Asha Parekh, Ashok Chopra, Divya Dutta, Alison Joseph, Javed Akhtar, Ravi Subramanian, to name a few. There will be more than 100 eminent personalities, from various fields, coming forward and having interaction with the readers.

Not only will the audience witness interactive sessions, but also there will be various workshops conducted for the interested lot to increase their knowledge about a filed. Some of the workshops include Handwriting Analysis, Reboot your mind, How to write Crime Fiction Workshop, etc. A detailed schedule of this major literary event of 2017 can be found on their official site of PILF (Google it!) So come and be a part of this fun filled literay event of Pune.


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