Music Events India in 2017 – Covelong point surf and music festival, 2017

Upcoming Music Events India 2017  latest update- What are your plans for the end of the month? If you have no plans as such then imagine yourself amongst the pristine azure waters of the beach, enjoying the sun, listening to some hip music, doing yoga in the mornings and getting a hand on surfing. If this thought filled in you a renewed zeal then you would be happy to know about this upcoming event in India 2017.

The Covelong Point Surf, Music and Yoga festival is back with its fifth edition with double the fanfare and the zeal. Held at the Covelong Point Surf School in Kovalam village near Chennai, it is regarded as the first surfing village in India and is the seat of surf culture in the entire South India. The layout of this three day fest includes a national as well as an intentional level surf competition accompanied by a captivating music line up, featuring global artists. If you thought that was it, then you are highly mistaken. This three day long fiesta also inculcates yoga and meditation classes and also offers alternative healing classes. The Covelong festival is a meeting ground for thousand of attendees from all across the globe to give a feast to their hippie spirits and meet numerous likeminded people. If surfing, music and yoga is unable to impress you, then you will be pleased to know that there will be myriad of food stalls, a funky flea market, various art installations and a variety of fun beach side activities to choose from.

The entry to all the festivals is free, but to enter the yogashala, where yoga and meditative activities will be held you need to pay a small price. If you want to get to Covelong, then you can drive all the way to this place and the festival will have large parking lots where you can park your vehicle. There are a variety of taxi services like Ola and Uber which can carry you all the way to the carnival. If taxi or car services is not that feasible, then you can board a bus from Chennai to Mamalapuram pass Kovalam village cricket ground. Bus numbers 109, 119 and 599 would take you to the Kovalam village cricket ground. The festival ground is ten minutes walking distance from the cricket ground. So book your tickets for August 25- August 27 and be ready to give a vent to your gypsy soul.

To know more about the festival log on to the Covelong Point Website Today!


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