Madhavi is an upcoming dance festival in Delhi featuring works of two renowned Bharatanatyam Maestro's – Vaibhav Arekar and Rama Vaidyanathan with their respective ensemble. Vaibhav Arekar will be seen in “Nama Mhane” featuring Sant Namdev’s spiritual Awakening on 2nd April and Rama Vaidyanathan will be presenting “Vivartana” on 3rd April at India Habitat Centre, Lodhi Road, Delhi.
Rama Vaidyanathan is a leading exponent in the field of Bharatanatyam. She is undoubtedly one of the most sought-after artists of her generation having carved a name for herself in the industry. While deeply rooted in tradition she has evolved her own individual style without forsaking the core principles of Bharatanatyam. She brings to her dance a rare sense of devotion and dedication, which leaves the audience with a sense of spiritual fulfillment. Everyone who has seen her perform is struck by her unique thought process and fresh approach to dance. She has trained intensively under the legendary dancer Yamini Krishnamurthy and the renowned Guru Saroja Vaidyanathan.
Vaibhav Arekar belongs to the new generation of intense dance artists, whose art and life is guided by the vision of promoting, producing and projecting Indian classical dance as a contemporaneous art. Utmost dedication and dynamism are imbued in his profile as a dancer, teacher, choreographer, producer, actor, educationist and an administrator.
The event is presented by Dr. Arshiya Sethi, Managing Trustee of Kri Foundation. The Kri Foundation is a registered Not for Profit Trust with a clearly defined vision- to leave the world a better place and do something every day towards it, in the core areas of Arts, Knowledge and Social Issues. In the field of the Arts, Kri Foundation’s mission is to create strong supports, unfettered by” isms” and ideologies, that will help the growth of the arts- further, forward and progressively. 
The latest cultural event in Delhi is to commemorate and celebrate the birthday of Madhavi Gopalakrishnan, mother of Rama Vaidyanathan, whose selfless support helped her to reach heights of the most popular Indian traditional dance form which is Bharatanatyam.
The entry to the event is Free and it is a great opportunity for people to get associated with Indian Traditional Dance Culture.

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