The only things we can cling to in our lives that won’t take us granted are books. It goes without saying that books play a pivotal role in our lives not because it is imperative for us to grow up studying, but because there is a thing known as the intellectual growth. To attain the intellectual grasp in oneself, one needs to be aware of the importance books come up with.

Delhi Book Fair comes with a number of surprises every year to be unraveled by the visitors. The one of its kind fair would definitely let you plunge deeper into the form of literature you’ve been craving since forever. You are what you read; and in order to know what to read, one would need the road to reach to the destination of the great books. So, here it is. The biggest annual cultural event and book bonanza keenly awaited by students, teachers, scholars, authors, intellectuals, librarians and book lovers. Apart from promoting literacy and reading habit, especially among children and youth, the fair present a vast panorama of books on wide range of subjects from India and Abroad. With a lot of new activities in store this year, the fair is anticipated to be a successful event once again.



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