Riding in a hot air balloon has always been a mesmerizing fantasy and adventure for everyone around the globe. People have fired inspiration and has attracted large number of people. A wonderful view from high above and in open air, floating in a basket and being carried across the skies sounds really wonderful.


It is like floating in the air leaving all the worries down the earth. It all about rising in the air and touching the sky.


Enjoy the absolute thrill to catch the capital of India from above with a different perspective, with its spectacular forts, hidden palaces, breath taking terrain and traditional local villages!


Kingdom of Dreams


Kingdom of Dreams brings you an ultimate super fun experience on an incredible hot air balloon ride. You can enjoy the breath taking sunset, the beautiful skyline and the subtle wind blowing through this exhilarating ride.


Haryana – Damdama Lake


Slow, rejuvenating yet exciting, the hot air balloon journey promises the most invigorating sky journey near one of the biggest natural lakes in Haryana, Damdama Lake.




The major advantage of riding in a hot air balloon is that it is compared relatively safe and that the ride is quite comfortable. There are numerous places that you can view from the balloon such as monuments, gardens, majestic buildings and more.


Delhi and NCR are perfect when it comes to flying around history. The suitable time for hot air balloon rides in Delhi is September to March.


Enjoy a thrilling, beautiful and amazing balloon ride. Be close to the nature like you have never been before – You have all the information you needed.




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