EVENTS IN MUMBAI- 2017 DIARIES- Red Earth’s Saree Festival

No one will disagree when I would say nothing looks more beautiful on an Indian lady than the saree. Irrespective of age, it is one piece of clothing that makes a girl feel beautiful and to celebrate beauty with the saree, this upcoming festival is all set to hit the city of Mumbai.
Red Earth’s Saree festival, with the aim of reviving the Indian attire, is all set to showcase in Mumbai. Over the past two years, Red Earth has been organizing shows across various metropolitans to revive the beauty of Indian drape. The show completed its summer edition, banishing the prejudice that saree can’t be worn in the heat months by conducting its festival. Now it’s time to woo the women of Mumbai will beautiful display of various saree from all across India in various fabrics, prints, motifs, and styles. The aim of the fiesta, as written on their official website is  “The Saree Festival attempts to be this unalloyed, all-pervasive love affair with the drape, in bringing together the vast richness of styles, materials, traditions, techniques, experiments, vocabularies, sensibilities, that can all achieve fruition under the never-ending swirl of the Saree. The Saree sans frontiers!”
The sarees on offer are categorized into three groups- Festive, Everyday and Vintage. The festive sarees include Chanderis, Kota Doria and cotton Benarasis. Every day includes linens by brands- Galang Gabaan and Nadiya Paar and khadis by Love for the Loom. The vintage ones include the Ilkals from Bagalkot, mekhela chadors from Assam and Begumpuri from West Bengal. Along with the Saree Mela which will showcase sarees from various states in various designs, there will also be Saree ka Gunijan Khana. The Gunijan Khana meaning the house of learned figures will act as a platform for discussions, talks, ideas- all woven around the drape. There will be presentations aimed to highlight saree awakening, all given by practitioners from various fields of social science, art, film, design, etc. There will also be live performances and various workshops.
The festival will be held from September 30 to October 1 at the Coomaraswamy Hall, CSMVS Museum, Kala Ghoda, Mumbai. So for all the beautiful women, embrace the poise and beauty in you by falling in love with the Indian attire by being a part of this upcoming event of 2018– WAIT FOR IT!


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