A wagging tail, a lick of your face, lifelong companionship and unconditional love. What’s not to love about dogs?

Dogs are called man’s best friend for a reason. They are loyal, sincere and strive to protect at any cost. They are a wonderful addition to the family, especially if you have kids. Children learn about responsibility, discipline, fair play and sharing from their pet.

Here are some shelters where you can find a dog to adopt in Delhi:

  1. Sanjay Gandhi Animal Welfare Center:

Founded in 1980, this all-animal shelter is the largest one of its kind in Delhi. They have an attached animal hospital to care for sick and ailing animals as well.

Three times a week, they organise an adoption stall for puppies in a popular mall in the city. Dog adoption is also possible through their website. They even have some pure breeds available.


Sanjay Gandhi Animal Care Centre

Near Shivaji College,
Raja Garden,
New Delhi – 110027.
New Delhi – 110027
Email: sgacc1980@gmail.com



  1. Red Paws Rescue:


A non profit organisation that rescues abandoned dogs and rehabilitates them, Red Paws helps stray dogs find a good home. They are also in close contact with other similar animal shelters all over India.


Red Paws offers adoption only for Indian (desi) strays. Adoptions can also be arranged through their website.




Red Paws Rescue Office,

29 A, Haus Khas Village, 1st floor

New Delhi- 110016

Phone:  +919958866067

Email: redpawsrescue@gmail.com



  1. Friendicoes SECA:

Another highly rated animal shelter in the city, Friendicoes offers options to adopt, foster or sponsor an animal. Most of the dogs here have been abandoned by owners for no fault of their own.

The Friendicoes team observe the dog closely before putting him up for adoption, to understand his temperament. They also stay in contact with the families who adopt, in order to facilitate a smooth transition. Free spaying/neutering is done for all dogs that pass through their doors.



Friendicoes Seca
No 271 & 273 | Defence Colony
Flyover Market, Jangpura Side
New Delhi, 110024 | India




Adoption enquiries:








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