“Dance” is a way of exploring life – some perceive it as a form of passion, whilst some as a profession. Dance and Life are both synonymous – it has both movement and motion. It allows you to enjoy yourself and sometime takes you beyond yourself, connects you by allowing you to feel alive and lifted.



To all those dancers who dance day and night to perfect their art. Allow your heart to take a leap. If you haven’t joined in – here are the top best dance classes to join in South Delhi.


We all know – “Opportunity dances with those already on the dance floor”!

Dance Classes in South Delhi- india events

Dance Classes in South Delhi- india events

Delhi Dance Academy


One of the most extensive dance studio – The Delhi Dance Academy is location in Lajpat Nagar in New Delhi. Known for their expert instructors of various dance forms from Bollywood to B-Boying to the more traditional tap dance and salsa. They even have an open list to hip hop, gymnastics, and belly dancing.

Big Dance Centre

With two studios operating in Delhi, the Big Dance Center has grown its establishment with its marked presence. With a mission to educate and train dancers in Hip Hop, Jazz, Gymnastics, Freestyle, Krump and B-Boying with active and creative minds, the centre is taking a hit. The centre seemingly focuses on contemporary dance forms, with focus on young dancers.

Moving Souls Studio

Ravi Rastogi , a Salsa and Zumba certified instructor, takes a high energy, interactive Zumba classes at Moving Souls. The other classes on offer include salsa, bachata, belly dancing, jazz, kathak, Bharatnatyam and more.



Delhi Salsa Club

Sameer Sachdeva, DSC’s founder and director, is a certified salsa and Zumba instructor and has a background in ballet. Given his strong dance background, he aims to provide quality dance education in a fun and an interactive way incorporating a lot of dance moves with vigorous exercise routines.


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