The smell of coal mixed with the appetizing aroma of a perfectly grilled and well-marinated chunks of fish or meat – The kebab love culture on a chilly winter evening always goes down well with a true Delhite.



Walk down the hustle and bustle of lanes of Delhi any evening and you’d find a range of street vendors dishing out the best non-veg delights to your satisfaction. Confused to choose the heavenly joint you should be at? Don’t worry.


It’s time – Here are some of the famous joints which serve the best kebabs in Delhi.


Ghalib Kebab Corner


Ghalib Kebab Corner is one of the most popular Kebab joint in the city, amidst the noisy and crowded Nizamuddin lanes. Even with long toil, the place serves out the best Kebabs to your satisfaction – Tender and juicy. Just as you will like it.

Rajinder Da Dhaba


Rajinder the Dhaba, a heavenly food joint near Karnal Cinema Complex in Delhi, providing you ample of options from Mutton galauti kebabs, mutton burra to Afghani chicken Whether you want to grab a quick bite or want a lavish non-veg feast, this place is certainly a blessing in disguise for you.

Best Kebab places in Delhi this weekend- india events

Best Kebab places in Delhi this weekend- india events

Al Rashida’s


Even though reaching this place is a part of a great ordeal – But once you do, it’s all about coming back over and over again.  Al Rashida’s located in Zakir Nagar-Jamia Nagar, Delhi has a menu list offering truly delectable, soft and succulent small pieces kebabs, grilled on charcoal wood.



Qureshi Kabab Corner


If Kebabs are your thing – you can head to They are said to Qureshi Kabab Corner that serves the best Seekh Kebab with Rumali Roti. Located in Jama Masjid, New Delhi and flooded with massive crowd – yet never fails to provide service quality.


Today though the kebabs are made across the world in myriad ways – The old always sounds, looks and tastes the best.





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