For those of you looking to deck the halls this Christmas season, here are a few Christmas parties that are sure to get your bells jingling:

  1. Christmas Carnival 2017


This event promises to be the biggest social gathering of the season. If a truly multi genre event with great night life entertainment is for you then look no further. Street food, great wine and craft beer will be available for purchase and will contribute to the evenings theme of fine dining, wine and of course music. Great street food and craft beer are great options of you just want to pop in and let your hair down for a while.


Date and Time: 24th December from 2PM – 10PM

Venue: JLN Stadium, New Delhi



  1. Christmas Eve Marathon


Fancy burning some calories on Christmas Eve? That way you can indulge in more Christmas trifle for Christmas lunch. This wholesome half marathon is open to people of all ages and fitness ranges. Do your best to bag a medal at the end of the race and end off the Eve with some eggnog.


Date: 24th December from 5:30AM – 10:30AM

Venue: Noida Sports Stadium, Sector 21, Noida


  1. Dastkar Winter Mela


Soak up the sun and get some culture!! This event is great for anyone wanting to build their local communities by supporting local artisans from Northern India. There are wonderful performance artists as well as a variety of food and drink stalls to help warm the heart.


Date: 14th – 25th December from 11AM – 7PM

Where: Please visit their Facebook page for more details

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